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1. Las Teorías de James W. Wilkie sobre Elitelore e Historia Oral
Por Rafael Rodríguez Castañeda
Prefacio del libro Frente a la Revolución Mexicana,
17 Protagonistas de la Etapa Constructiva, Entrevistas de Historia Oral, Tomo II (2001).

2. Communist Iconography and Vietnamese Elitelore:
Evidence of Collusion in Visual Culture,”

By Lindy Leong,
UCLA Information Science, 2000.

3. History as Lore of the Elite
By University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2006)

4. "The Process Method [Academic Elitelore] vs the Hypothesis Method [Academic Folklore]
By Richard W. Wilkie (University of Massachusetts), 1974

5. "The Truth Wears Off. Is there something wrong with the scientific method?
By Jonah Lehrer New Yorker, December 13, 2010
But Cross-check (Critical views of science in the news) asks:

6. The truth we'll doubt: Does the "decline effect"
[analyzed by Lehrer] mean that all science is "truthy"?
By John Horgan, Scientific American, Dec 13, 2010

7. A. Howard Zinn, [Who Popularized the Historical Role of the “Ordinary Man”], Dies at 87
By Howard Powell. (January 27, 2010) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/28/us/28zinn.html

8. B. Howard Zinn dies at 87; author of best-selling 'People's History of the United States'
By Robert J. Lopez (January 28, 2010) http://articles.latimes.com/2010/jan/28/local/la-me-howard-zinn28-2010jan28

9. Egghead Alert [Versus the Intellectual Elitelore of Judges Nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court and Who Seek to Survive Often Hostile U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee] Confirmation Hearings
By Judith Warner (2010)

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