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Book 3

Elitelore Varieties: 17 Views in World Context

Edited By

James W. Wilkie, David E. Lorey, Olga M. Lazín

(Los Angeles: Elitelore Books, 2012)


Introduction: The Scope of Elitelore (2012)
By James W. Wilkie

1. Reflections on Elitelore: The Early Years (1993)
By David E. Lorey

2. Ilustrated Elitelore (2012)
By James W. Wilkie and Olga Magdalena Lazín

Part I: Musical Theater and Opera

3. Evita: From Elitelore to Folklore (1981)
By James W. Wilkie and Monica Menell - Kinberg

4. Elitelore at the Opera: The Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires (1983 )
By Ronald H. Dolkart

Part II: Literature and Folklore

5. Elitelore and Folklore: Theory and a Test Case in One Hundred Years of Solitude (1978)
By James W. Wilkie, Edna Monzón and María Herrera‐Sobek

Part III. Cinema

6. The Uruguay That Never Was: A Historian Looks at Costa‐Gavras's State of Siege (1976)
By Mark Falcoff

7. A State of Siege That Never Was (1976)
By E. Bradford Burns

8. Cinemalore: State of Siege as a Case Study (1976)
By Daniel l. Geffner and James W. Wilkie

9. Civilization's Aria: Film as Lore and Opera as Metaphor in Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo (1985)
By Ronald H. Dolkart

Part IV: Oral Memoirs

10. "I" as "We" in Elitelore: The Merging of Individual and Collective Lores (1987)
By David E. Lorey and James W. Wilkie

11. Dimensions of Elitelore: An Oral History Questionnaire (1975)
By James W. Wilkie and Edna Monzón

Part V: Politics

12. The Elitelore of Mexico's Revolutionary Family (1978)
By Roderic A. Camp

13. Elitelore in Politics: Humor versus Mexico's Presidents (1990)
By Samuel Schmidt

14. Who was Getúlio? Theme and Variations in Brazilian Political Lore (1979)
By Ludwig Lauerhass, Jr.

15. Tijuana Healers: The Blending of Western Medicine with Ritualistic Cures (1990)
By Susan Schroeder

16. Orwell's "1984" and Life Under the "Big Brothers" Stalin and Ceausescu (1996)
By Olga Magdalena Lazín

17. On the Concept of "Meritocratic" Elite in Making Social Policy (1996)
By Olga Magdalena Lazín

Appendix A.

Coming of Age in Samoa: Margaret Mead's 1928 Book Unmasked by Derek Freeman's 1983 Book Margaret Mead and Samoa: The Making and Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth [Based on Sexual Fantasy]
By Jack Cashill (2005)

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